School counselors at Windham Middle School are here to help you become the best person you can be.  Some of the ways we do this is:

~talking with you about your school work

~listening to you if you have a problem or crisis

~meeting with your teachers

~teaching classes

~helping parents

~leading small groups for students with similar concerns

There are two counselors at Windham Middle School--Mrs. Clark and Mrs. Gilbert.  You have probably already met them or seen them around school (including supervising in the cafeteria at lunch!).You can make an appointment to meet with your school counselor anytime you want.  Just stop by the guidance office and tell the secretary that you need an appointment.  You'll get a pass in homeroom the next day with the time of your appointment.  Ask your teacher to sign it and then come to the guidance office. 

WMS counselors teach classes to you each year. 

These include:

Grade 6:  Who Am I?  Understanding your personality/learning style and Growing Up is Hard to Do

Grade 7:  Where Am I Going?  Exploring career choices for the future

Grade 8:  How Do I Get There?  Transition to the high school

Mrs. Clark is the school counselor for all students in grade 6 and for students in grade 7 on the second floor. She has been a counselor at Windham Middle School for more than 25 years and especially enjoys teaching classes using technology.  Mrs. Clark is a member of the school Leadership Team, loves to go out on her boat on Sebago, and is an avid Patriots fan.

Mrs. Gilbert is the school counselor for all grade 8 and for students in grade 7 on the first floor. She has been at Windham Middle School since 2013.  She loves working with students about careers and High School planning. Mrs. Gilbert loves camping, reading, and going to the ocean.