About Our School

Welcome to the Manchester School

We have a beautiful driveway and bus loop. Students will be dropped off/picked up directly outside of the main doors.  The  facade and the outside of the building, which is alive with colorful flowers.

The new entry is warm and inviting. As you walk through the vestibule you are greeted with a wash of color and a gorgeous  lobby. Notice the floor tiles as you move through the building; the patterns change as you move throughout the school. This is visually pleasing yet is also good for giving directions to students and parents.

As you enter the school, immediately to your right is the Band room. Manchester students will benefit from a band room designed for maximum sound performance. Next on your right is the gymnasium. Students and community alike will benefit from this space. On your left are the administrative offices and the clinic, with plenty of storage and dedicated work space.

Next on the left is the cafeteria and adjoining music area. The walls have been sound-proofed for greater student comfort, and the stage area is used as a music room during the day The floor covering is colorful and coordinated with the walls, with details such as wainscoting on the stage skirt.

Directly in front of you is the Library/Computer Center. Students and staff will be in touch with the world through e-mail and internet connections. 

Our classrooms are located in 2 corridors...the rooms are large and airy. Each classroom has a telephone which will contribute greatly to continued and improved parent communications, as well as to the safety of the building. There are 4 project rooms which are spaces to be used for individual or group projects.

The art room is large and spacious, with adequate storage and a kiln room. It will be nice to have pottery as part of our 4th and 5th grade curriculum! 

All of the systems on the building are state-of-the-art. The rooms are temperature controlled and the heating/ventilation systems are brand new. Skylights are in the interior spaces for natural light and windows installed in the doors of key rooms to let light flow in. 

Sabrina Nickerson wins Civil War Grant from National Endowment for the Humanities  Manchester School wins Let's Go 5210 Silver Award   Opportunity to send students to Raymond Elementary School offer from the School Board.  Click here for more information.   Iditarod Read-A-Thon raises $3,500 for Cultural Arts.