Welcome to Manchester School's Art Room!

ART PROGRAM – Grades 4-5

          The Art program at Manchester School is a two year program in exploring creativity and skill building. Students are exposed to many different materials, concepts and skills.  We begin with basic drawing projects and then move into different concepts and themes that match the national standards for the arts at this grade level.

  I encourage every student to expand their own individual creativity and learn to apply it to their interests and passions.  Creativity can only enhance their lives and their career choice.                                  

Students also learn to problem solve, invent, create and learn about different artists and cultures.  They see how art can fit into the real world and their classroom studies.  

In art classes, many skills may be learned for jobs in the 21st century.  Students can learn the importance of being flexible, to compete in this ever changing world and global markets. They learn to create, think for themselves and apply what they learn using critical thinking and problem solving skills.  Everyone is also encouraged to work cooperatively and learn to work as a team, skills that most large companies want to see.

My goal is to; give everyone a fun and safe environment to work in and the freedom to create throughout their two years at Manchester School. 

The Reach Art program, here at Manchester is now in its third year.  This program allows students who demonstrate a higher level of interest and are capable of making art independently, to have extra art time they want and need. Students may apply to this program throughout the school year.

Hope you stop by the art room and see your child’s artistic progression!



Angelika Blanchard

Art Specialist


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