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 is RSU 14

RSU 14 Windham Raymond School Department    

228 Windham Center Road Windham, ME 04062


Sanford J. Prince, Superintendent

Donn Davis, Assistant Superintendent




School Board Meeting Dates, Agendas and Minutes

 Meetings are held two Wednesday evenings a month. The public is invited to attend. 
First Wednesday: (W) Windham Town Council Chambers, 8 School Road, Windham. 
Third Wednesday: (R) Raymond Broadcast Modular, 423 Webbs Mills Road, Raymond. 
2017-2018 School Board Meetings
*Time and location subject to change.
Meetings are online for viewing> click here
*Date Agenda Minutes
8.16.17 (W) Agenda Minutes
9.6.17 (R) Agenda Minutes
9.20.17 (W) Agenda Minutes
9.27.17 (W) Qtrly Workshop Agenda/ Supt Conf Rm N/A
10.4.17 (W) Agenda Minutes
10.18.17 (R) Agenda Minutes
11.1.17 (W) Canceled N/A
11.15.17 (R) Agenda Minutes
11.29.17 (W) Special Workshop/ Supt Conf Rm N/A
12.6.17 (W) Agenda Minutes
12.13.17 (W) Agenda and Qtrly Workshop/Supt Conf Rm Minutes
12.20.17 (R) Canceled N/A
1.3.18 (W) Agenda Minutes
1.17.18 (R)  postponed to 1.31.18 N/A
1.31.18 (R) Agenda Minutes
2.7.18 (W)  postponed to 2.12.18 N/A
2.12.18 (W) Special Agenda/Supt Conf Room and Joint Workshop Agenda/Colonial Conf Room Minutes
2.28.18 (R) Agenda Minutes
3.7.18 (W) ATeam Cost Ctr present/Agenda (postponed to 3.14) N/A
3.14.18 (W) ATeam Cost Ctr present/Agenda (postponed to 3.19) N/A
3.15.18 (W) Special Meeting Agenda/ Supt Conf Room Minutes
3.19.18 (W) ATeam Cost Ctr present/ Agenda Minutes
3.21.18 (R) ATeam Cost Ctr present/ Agenda Minutes
3.28.18 (W) ATeam Cost Ctr present/ Agenda Minutes
4.4.18 (W) No meeting N/A
4.11.18 (W) Agenda Minutes
4.25.18 (R) Agenda Minutes
5.2.18 (W) Agenda  
5.16.18 (R) Agenda and Workshop Agenda  
5.23.18 (W) WHS Auditorium 6:30p - Public Board Budget Mtg Agenda  
6.6.18 (W) Revised Agenda  
6.12.18 Public Referendum at the polls  
6.20.18 (R)    
Archived Meetings







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